Dec 062019
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As woodworkers, we have a talent in making things, which comes in handy right about now during the holidays. Sometimes we make one big project for that really special someone in our life. Other times we mass produce a bunch of smaller projects so we can share them with more friends and loved ones.

This month we’re wondering what kind of projects do you make for the holidays? Answer in our poll below and feel free to comment with anything that isn’t listed as one of the poll answers!

Nov 212019
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In the November issue of Wood News Online, Jeff Fleisher takes a closer look at the Bora Centipede Portable Workstand, a real game changer for those of us who don’t have a lot of workspace in our shops.

This is a very unique and interesting support system for large sheets of plywood, MDF or other sheet goods. The Centipede is basically a collapsible, portable workbench that expands up to 4 feet by 8 feet depending on which model you purchase.

Click here to read more of Jeff’s review

Nov 192019
Am I a Woodworker?
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In the November 2019 issue of Wood News Online, Jason Hicban asks a question many of us might have asked ourselves while standing in front of a workbench: “Am I a Woodworker?” Is there a threshold you cross at some point where you have learned enough skills to officially call yourself a woodworker, or is […]

Nov 152019
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Are you not sure of the differences between Western-Style Hand Saws and Japanese-Style Hand Saws, or can’t figure out which one is best for your woodworking? Watch the videos below, and learn the types of Hand Saws you should consider for hand cut joinery woodworking, including dovetails and tenons, carcass work, and regular crosscutting and […]

Nov 012019
November Poll: When it Comes to Woodworking, What Are You Thankful For?
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It’s November and that means at the end of the month it’ll be Thanksgiving. Here at Highland Woodworking, we are very thankful for our customers. It is thanks to YOU that we have been around for over 40 years and are able to provide woodworking resources and education to you all. As we all know, […]

Oct 312019
Down to Earth Woodworker: The Future of Woodworking
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In this classic series by Steve Johnson, the Down to Earth Woodworker, Steve looks at some possibilities for what woodworking will be like in the future, and how we can all help keep our craft alive. Click to read The Future of Woodworking

Oct 292019
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If you are tired of building jig after jig to make end grain cuts, the Woodpeckers Coping Sled might be the tool you are looking for. In this video, Steve Johnson assembles, sets up and demonstrates the use of the Woodpeckers Coping Sled. Take a look!