Apr 232019
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Many years ago, Alan Noel wrote an article for Wood News telling the story of an accident with his tablesaw, and his reasoning for upgrading to a SawStop.

Just before my 54th birthday, I was using my old tablesaw to cut some pieces of poplar into long strips to hold glass panels in cabinet doors. I had done cuts like this safely many times before, but this time something distracted me and I must have taken my eye off the saw for a fraction of a second. To my pain and horror, all of a sudden I realized I had cut myself. It shocked me how incredibly fast it all happened.

Click to read more of Alan’s tablesaw story

Click to learn more about the SawStop tablesaw options available at Highland

Apr 182019
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Have you ever wondered how the SawStop braking technology actually works? This short video walks you through the process and shows you the secrets of SawStop’s amazing finger detection technology.

Click here to take a closer look at the SawStop Tablesaw options available at Highland Woodworking.

Apr 172019
Anne of All Trades Visits Highland Woodworking
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On Monday, April 15th, we got a surprise visit from Anne Briggs (@anneofalltrades) along with several other well-known woodworkers including Adam Beasley (@lazyguydiy), Tamar Hannah (@3x3custom), Rick LaFaver (@thewoodworklife) and Huy Huynh (@alabamawoodworker). We first connected with Anne back at Handworks in Amana, Iowa in May of 2015 when she was helping out at the […]

Apr 112019
Book Review: Shaker Inspiration by Christian Becksvoort
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  For the April issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed the newest book by Christian Becksvoort, Shaker Inspiration: This book conveys the wisdom of a master craftsman drawing on a long and successful career as a cabinetmaker. Charmingly written in a briefly stated, friendly tone, it easily belies the wealth of knowledge it […]

Apr 092019
Women in Woodworking: Char Miller-King
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  We are excited to announce that our Women in Woodworking column is back in Wood News this month! Char Miller-King is a local woodworker in Atlanta who has been a regular customer at Highland for quite some time and was previously profiled on our blog in September 2017. She will be taking the reins […]

Apr 052019
Atlantic Fine Woods on Local NPR Station
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Here at our retail store in Atlanta we carry a variety of locally sourced slabs from Atlantic Fine Woods just one town over in Decatur, GA. Similar to Highland, Atlantic Fine Woods is also family-owned, specifically by a brother/sister team made up of Joe and Laura Sissoko. The two of them and their sawmill were […]

Apr 032019
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No Southern-fried Southern boy wants to be called a Yankee, but we share the characteristics of shrewdness and thrift. Thus, each month we include a money-saving tip. It’s OK if you call me “cheap.” I know I’m not the only cheap woodworker around. Alan Noel is a self-avowed cheapskate. That means we go to the […]