Feb 172017
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One of our favorite new tools this year is the compact dust extractor, the CT-SYS, from Festool. The portable unit makes workshop cleanup so easy (not to mention other cleanups around the house, in the car and anywhere else you can think of!)

Find out more about the Festool CT-SYS dust extractor in this short, 8 minute video.

Feb 162017
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The Greek philosopher, Plato, was also a mathematician and he discovered and proved that there are only five regular solids. A regular solid is one that is made up of all the sides being made of one simple regular plane figure such as an equilateral triangle, a square or a regular pentagon. The five regular solids are:

  1. Tetrahedron made up of four equilateral triangular sides,
  2. Cube (or Hexahedron) made up of six square sides,
  3. Octahedron made up of eight equilateral triangular sides,
  4. Dodecahedron made up of twelve regular pentagonal sides,
  5. Icosahedron made up of twenty regular triangular sides.

Here is a picture of all five of them

These shapes have fascinated me for a long time and I decided that it would be an interesting project to make a set of these using different exotic woods for each face. The project required having to design and make two different fixtures to assure that every face was exactly the same size and that the side angles were also exactly the same. (The cube didn’t require any special fixture. I just used my normal table saw settings for that.)

Here are pictures of my five Platonic solids made from different woods. (Each face is about 1/4″ thick.) As an added “secret” touch, I added small beads into each piece before adding the final face. Each piece has the same number of beads as it has faces, so for example: the cube has six beads and the tetrahedron has four beads.






Feb 132017
Summer 2015 Woodworking Project: Youngest Grandkids’ Picnic Table
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Let The al fresco Dining Begin! When our youngest grandchild, Sara Riley, was only a few years old, I got some rough-sawn cedar, planed and sanded it, and built the cutest miniature picnic table with two separate benches. A few years later our second grandchild, Charlie, came along, and his big sister now graciously allows […]

Feb 102017
Introducing the Madcap Woodwright
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In this new monthly column the Madcap Woodwright, John McBride, invites both seasoned pro and novice woodworkers alike to stop and reevaluate their perspective on woodworking. Each month, the Madcap Woodwright column will explore issues that encourage you to examine time worn attitudes and approaches to woodworking. In his first column, John starts by telling the story of how […]

Feb 082017
First Steps on a Beginner's Journey to Handcut Dovetails
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In this month’s issue of Wood News, Amy Herschleb writes about her own journey learning how to cut a dovetail by hand. Amy is a staff writer for Highland and a relative beginner to woodworking, but her current surroundings working at the Highland Woodworking retail store make for a perfect environment to immerse herself in all things […]

Feb 062017
Photo Gallery from Wood Works - A Regional Exhibition thru Feb. 17, 2017
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If you are within driving distance of Athens, Georgia, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this delightful woodworking exhibition that is open Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM thru Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation in Watkinsville, GA. CLICK HERE to see a photo gallery from the exhibition Highland […]

Feb 062017
February Poll: How Do You Sell Tools You No Longer Use/Need?
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January is the month of resolutions. February is the month in which you know whether you’ve kept up with what you’ve resolved, need to improve, or have failed miserably. What are your resolutions for 2017? I’m confident that a lot of woodworkers have intentions of being cleaner around the shop in the new year. We […]