Dec 032020
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The holidays are already upon us and the year is almost over. Many of us have found more free time in the shop than past years have offered us. Some people may have even found a new love of woodworking this year.

Every year we share our Woodworking Gift Guide, which includes the newest tools released this year, as well as some great gifts for your shop. This month we want to know what is the #1 woodworking gift you want for the holidays this year?

Feel free to add your own answer as well!

Dec 012020
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In the November 2020 issue of Wood News, Char Miller-King interviews Annette Amadin, a woodworker who is an engineer by day and a hobbyist by night.

Annette Amadin is a world traveler. Born in Nigeria, she has visited all seven continents. Her understanding of culture and diversity has spilled over into her thoughts about appreciating power tools and respecting the process of creating. Leaning on the knowledge of others to get going in her craft, Annette enrolled in the Marc Adams School of Woodworking, where she regularly attends classes to hone her skills.

Click here to read more about Annette Amadin’s woodworking shop and to see some of her impressive projects

Nov 252020
Another Return of Tips from Sticks in the Mud: #Knifeforwood
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In the November 2020 issue of Wood News, Jim Randolph returns for another issue to tell us about a project where he was happy to be able to use his Festool Vecturo. I make lists. Sometimes, my lists fail me. Mostly they fail me when I forget to customize them for a particular job, and […]

Nov 132020
Inspirational Burl Art By Temple Blackwood
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For the November 2020 issue of Wood News Online, Temple Blackwood wrote about transforming a burl with woodturning: Nearly a month ago, I received a call from a woman who had apparently read one of the local “who’s doing what around here” in a popular newspaper insert. She told me that she and her husband […]

Nov 122020
Stories from Grandpa's Workshop: Calling All Toymakers
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In the November issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer shares stories of his own toy-making inspiration for the holidays: I have shared before about some of the toys that were made by my Grandpas and my Dad. While they all did serious woodworking, I suspect that toymaking brought a special twinkle to their eyes around […]

Nov 052020
Book Review: Mortise & Tenon, Issue #9
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For the November 2020 issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed Issue #9 of Mortise & Tenon Magazine: Mortise & Tenon Magazine has evolved into a semi-annual feast of words and images that inform and inspire. This latest issue follows the proud tradition of its predecessors…If you revel in the diversity of ways to […]

Nov 022020
November 2020 Woodworking Poll: Making Toys for the Holidays
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This month, Bob Rummer, who has written several articles about the joys of generational woodworking within his family, wanted to share a short fairytale, The Toymaker Finds Vorstellun, to inspire your woodworking for the holiday season. You can find his story below the poll. In turn, Bob’s story inspired us for this month’s poll and […]