Aug 022022
Hot Time, Summer in the Shop
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It’s getting hot in here! This is the first summer I have spent significant time woodworking. I work in a garage without any kind of environmental controls beyond raising and lowering the garage door or cracking a window. What I have learned quickly is that it gets really hot, really fast! I thought surely there […]

Apr 062022
Turning the Corner: Segmented Porch Post Column Base
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For the February 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Temple Blackwood shared his process for turning a replacement porch post column. One of my regular contractor customers came by some time ago with an interesting problem that he decided I would be the perfect person to help him with. An elderly customer of his had […]

Mar 172022
Don’t Know Where to Start? Three Ways to Work Wood!
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Two roads diverged in a wood and I — Took both; and a third, fourth, fifth, sixth… Briefly, I started woodworking with 3D design, followed by rough carpentry, finish carpentry, 2D design, handheld CNC, gantry CNC, fine woodworking, finishing, hand woodworking, carving, etc… Today I spend hours each night hand cutting pin and tail boards […]

Mar 152022
Turning the Corner: Carriage Seat Spindles
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For the March 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Temple wrote about a project where he had to turn twenty-four replacement spindles for a horse carriage seat: One of my new customers wrote to me and explained that he is in the process of rebuilding an antique horse carriage and needs to replace twenty-four white […]

Mar 092022
Book Review: The Stick Chair Book By Christopher Schwarz
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For the March 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed The Stick Chair Book by Christopher Schwarz: Chris Schwarz’s latest rendering, The Stick Chair Book is a revelation and an inspiration. Even if you’ve never had the desire to build your own chair out of wood, this book might change your mind. Read […]

Mar 032022
Stories from Grandpa's Workshop: Past Its Expiration Date
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For the March 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Bob Rummer discusses the shelf life of wood finishing products and offers some tips and advice: When we are tempted to use old finishes, I think several factors come into play. Sometimes we don’t really know how old our finish may be. When I look at […]