Highland Staff

Jan 142020

The Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router is a tool like you’ve never seen. It performs many of the tasks of an ordinary router, but with more precision. It performs many of the tasks of a CNC router, but easier and with fewer restrictions.

Learn more about the Shaper Origin’s capabilities and how it can revolutionize your woodworking by watching the videos below. Click here to see even more videos with great information about the Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router.

Jan 092020

Everyone needs to drill holes at one time or another and Fisch Forstner Bits create very clean holes. Jeff Fleisher tried out the Fisch Wave Cutter Forstner Bit – Set of 4 and was impressed by both the speed of cut and the clean sharp edges of the top and bottom of the hole they created.

Read his review of the Fisch Forstner bits to learn more

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Jan 072020

If you are looking for some tips on how to use hand tools to flatten a rough board, this video is the one you are looking for. Morton uses his Lie Nielsen 62 Jack Plane with a toothed blade to quickly remove material and flatten the high spots on a large board.

Dec 172019

On Saturday, December 14th, 2019, Highland was visited by Stig Reitan from Tormek who demonstrated a variety of Tormek sharpening tools. He was joined by woodturner, Nick Agar, who showed off a variety of turning techniques with tools that were sharpened on the Tormek T-8 Sharpening System and explained the advantages of working with sharpened tools. as opposed to dull ones.

View the full album of photos from the event on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Dec 122019

In the December 2019 issue of Wood News Online, Temple Blackwood borrows a turning design concept and repurposes it to make seasonal gifts for all the people on his list.

With the approach of the holiday season, we have opportunities to develop decorative gifts that are both useful and pleasing. Borrowing the design concept from Rude Osolnik’s well-known graduated candlesticks and applying it to the easily recognized seasonal snowman offers a similarly endless array of sizing (and thus positioning) opportunities for the creative decorator.

Click here to read the rest of Temple’s woodturning column

Dec 102019

This Saturday, December 14th, woodturner Nick Agar and our Tormek representative, Stig Reitan, will be at Highland Woodworking from 10am-2pm doing woodturning demonstrations and showing off the capabilities of the Tormek Sharpening System.

Nick will explain what it is about Tormek that makes it his first preference for sharpening his tools. Stig will demonstrate how to sharpen chisels, plane blades and knives using Tormek machines and sharpening jigs.

Nick Agar is one of the best woodturners you will see, and he is currently traveling the globe and presenting his excellent turning skills. If you are in the Atlanta area, don’t miss this chance to see a Master woodturner at work.

Nov 212019

In the November issue of Wood News Online, Jeff Fleisher takes a closer look at the Bora Centipede Portable Workstand, a real game changer for those of us who don’t have a lot of workspace in our shops.

This is a very unique and interesting support system for large sheets of plywood, MDF or other sheet goods. The Centipede is basically a collapsible, portable workbench that expands up to 4 feet by 8 feet depending on which model you purchase.

Click here to read more of Jeff’s review