Jul 162009


Chris and I are just finishing up our trip to the AWFS (Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers) Fair in Las Vegas. We met with a lot of our vendors and found several new products that you’ll be seeing over the next few months at Highland Woodworking.

We also met with Matt Vanderlist from Matt’s Basement Workshop and Marc and Nicole Spagnuolo from The Wood Whisperer.

Marc and Nicole have been recording various parts of the show and posting them on YouTube and should be adding updates for the rest of the show.

Chris also recorded our SawStop rep doing the famous hot dog demonstration. See the video below.


Feb 022008

New Red Hot Special!

Posted as a limited time offer!

In recent years, many companies have tried to copy the venerable Bessey K Body clamps – with varying degrees of success. One of the better clones has been the Gross Stabil PC2 Parallel Clamps. Recently, Bessey purchased Gross Stabil. They don’t need two different versions of the same clamp, so the Gross Stabil model has been discontinued and you benefit from outstanding prices on some great clamps! Quantities are limited, so act fast – once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! We put these on sale last August and we thought that was it, but we managed to get our hands on a few more. These are absolutely the last ones we’ll ever have.

Check out the Red Hot Special!

(If you don’t see the Red Hot Special item on our homepage, that means we’ve sold out, so check back soon for our next item!)

Dec 272007


As I noted back in October, Auriou has closed and is not making carving tools or rasps any more.

Shortly before Auriou closed, we received our last shipment from them. It included some tools we had carried for years and some that were new to us. Today, we are posting some of those new tools to our website. Naturally, supplies are limited to the stock on hand, but we think you’ll find these tools interesting.

You can see our full collection of remaining Auriou products here.

Dec 192007

Last Thursday, Gränsfors Bruks’ US warehouse in Summerville, south Carolina was destroyed by fire. Fortunately, it was after closing and no one was hurt. They are working to find a new location and replace the lost inventory, but they do not expect to have axes in stock until March, 2008.

You can read about the fire here, here and here.


Nov 152007

The Georgia Association of Woodturner’s meets in our Seminar Room tonight at 6:30pm. They are open to visitors, so come by and check it out. Alan Leland will be demonstrating.


Alan grew up in New Canaan, Connecticut, then attended East Carolina University. After budget cuts prevented him from pursuing corrections as a career, he worked in carpentry. During his carpentry career, he developed and interest in fine woodworking and a passion for woodturning. He served as the Vice President of The Triangle Woodturners of North Carolina.(They have a new name now.) You can even see his profile on their website here.

In 1995, he started Sliding Dovetail Woodworks, now Leland Studios. These days, he focuses on teaching woodturning.

Our store is open until 8:00pm on Thursdays so you can do some shopping, too.