Mar 262016
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Thanks to everyone who submitted their blogs, videos, and social media updates for #GetWoodworking Week this year! Our main goal is to promote woodworking to our community and get new people interested in it.  It also acts as a reminder to people who may have not gotten into their shops for awhile to go out and make something.

Here is a round-up of some of the highlights of this year’s #GetWoodworking Week:


Wilbur Pan – The problem with buying a Japanese saw, 2016 edition

Ethan Frei- GetWoodworking: How I Got Started

Matt Cremona- What’s Matt Up To This Week

Stephany Wilkes (West by Midwest)- Build Up, Beginning WoodworkerThe Accidental Aesthetic Anarchist

Steve Johnson (The Down to Earth Woodworker)- The Luckiest Woodworker, The Goal is More Woodworkers, Right?, Marketing to Potential New Woodworkers

Justin Starr- A Reason To #Getwoodworkingweek

Jim Ashley (The Wood Lab)- Thoughts When Starting Out


Manhattan Wood Project – Cedar Plank Porch Gardens

Manhattan Wood Project – Finding Decent Wood at a Good Price

Dominic Bender – 14 Ways to make a Tealight Holder


All she can do until the glue dries. #getwoodworkingweek #woodworkaustralia #woodworking #shopfriend #plattcavecreations

A photo posted by Tony Platt (@plattcavecreations) on

Guess I am participating in #GetWoodworkingWeek Finally got my Stanley no.5 tuned up. A photo posted by @davidclyell on

Blizzard outside, so I’ll work on my #getwoodworkingweek project. I need a bench stat!

A photo posted by @lynchnathaniel on


Feeling groovy. #woodworking humor #getwoodworkingweek


A photo posted by Nathan Merrill (@merrillrx) on

Hickory up front, oak in the back. #woodworking #dowoodworking #mallet #hickory #oak #danishoil #getwoodworkingweek A photo posted by Colin Gregory Beckstrand (@colinwalin) on


My first attempt at spoon carving #woodworking #spoon #getwoodworking #maker


A photo posted by Cale Blalock (@cabwoodworking) on

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