Jul 072020
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In the July 2020 issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer tells the long woodworking history and changing relationship with his favorite type of wood – mahogany.

Do you have a favorite wood? One that is like an old friend on the woodrack? You pick up a board and look over its grain and colors, and you know what it will feel like to plane it or carve it…Mahogany is one of my old friends.

Click here to read the rest of Bob’s article on his history of using mahogany in his woodworking.

  One Response to “Stories from Grandpa’s Workshop: Mahogany”

  1. Great article. I may need to order a copy of the Jennifer Anderson book.I’ve seen it referenced online before but never actually read it.

    There are dozens (hundreds?) of woods that have mahogany-like grain but very few of them the machine like actual Honduran Mahogany. It cuts like butter and that is what really sets it apart from similar-looking species, in my opinion.

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