Jul 022020
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Over the past few months, online learning has become a way of life, most notably with schools and offices being closed and kids having classes and businesses having meetings through Zoom and other online resources. Not only has our children’s education switched to online, but you can now take online exercise classes, cooking classes, even woodworking classes!

Woodworking education is a large part of Highland Woodworking’s mission statement where we seek to fan the flames of interest and excitement in the craft of woodworking, and contribute to its growth throughout the country. One step we’ve made in the past 10 years to help broaden our educational platform is our Highland Woodworking YouTube Channel, which is full of a variety of product tours, technique demonstrations, and project how-to’s.

Whether learning online or in-person, this month we want to know what are you most interested in learning about woodworking right now? Many of us have found more time in the shop and it’s a great time to learn a new woodworking skill that you might not have had the time to delve into before. Whether it’s getting your tools sharper through sharpening skills, or learning the most accurate technique to make a hand cut dovetail, what is a woodworking skill you want to learn more about?

  5 Responses to “July Poll: Improving Your Woodworking Skills”

  1. 1 Having a rewarding hobby.
    2. Even year around with maybe some less time during tax season.
    3. The demand for interactive remote Meetings via zoom (woodturning club demos) was a happy surprise. I did 3 in 2018, 3 in 2019 and 13 YTD with more planned due to the pandemic. More on my website http://www.mikepeacewoodturning.com/instruction-demos/live-demonstrations-over-the-internet/

  2. Would actually like to learn it all, but the available time is certainly limited to practice any woodworking. I would also like to learn how to sell and market what I have made to earn a few bucks. Being visually challenged, I would be interested in how other visually challenged woodworkers’ methods.

  3. Being retired and house bound I appreciate you bringing us online training. I’m more of a tinker than a wood worker, but I would like to do more in wood. Thanks

  4. I’ve taken numerous 1 or 2 week courses and never want to stop learning. What most interests me are those steps/tricks/modes of work that improve precision in my woodworking – not interested in accuracy but seek improved precision. Next I’d love to get a series of drills that would improve my use of hand saws. How can I consistently cut just to the line? What repetitive drill will help me develop the necessary muscle memory – I envision instituting a few warm up drills much like a golfer hits a few balls on the practice tee before going to the first tee.

  5. Whatever skills you (the learner) want to develop, they are best achieved by doing in the context of an actual project. For example, build a ox with dovetailed corners instead of dovetailing two orphan pieces of wood.

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