Sep 242019
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Finally, outfeed support for a tablesaw that doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space in the shop!

If you’ve ever tried to cut a large work piece on your tablesaw, you know it can be dangerous without some sort of outfeed support. And if you are already hard pressed to find space for new tools in your shop, a dedicated outfeed table might seem out of the question.

In this short video, Matthew Morris demonstrates how SawStop’s Folding Outfeed Table is a perfect solution to both of these problems – it offers great support and then folds up out of the way when you are done using it.

  2 Responses to “Video: SawStop Outfeed Table”

  1. What are the chances that this will fit on a 3HP, left tilt, Jet X-Acta?

  2. In regards to your question, please let me first extend my apologies for the inability to give you a one sentence format answer that just states “the odds” from our perspective as a retailer.

    SawStop does not recommend, nor provide any guidance or assistance for mounting their outfeed table on any other make of tablesaw. We do not know what the chances are this table would FIT your saw (or any other non SawStop saw). The outfeed table was not designed to fit any tablesaws other than the SawStop models stated that it fits.

    To ask your question differently as in “what are the chances that you can MAKE it fit and work?” would better reflect the realities of putting an accessory on a saw it was never designed to go onto. But we still do not know what your chances of success to the endeavor would be. We have never attempted it ourselves (for your make and model or any other non-SawStop model saw). Suffice it to say the engineers who brought home the Apollo 13 crew safely would more than likely have a 100% chance of success of crafting a way to make the outfeed table fit and work with other table saws. But beyond that, we can’t predict a rate of success for others at this time. The task could prove dreadfully simple or require the machine fabrication of parts and much gnashing of teeth. “Hard tellin not knowing” as they say in some localities of the country.

    The Outfeed Table’s owner’s manual may give you insight to the question of “can YOU make it fit your saw” (see link below). But you would also want to ask yourself are you are good at problem solving, are you mechanically inclined, do you enjoy retro-fitting fixtures to work in non-standard situations and do you identify with the TV character MacGyver?  To purchase and attempt to install on a non-SawStop saw, you would need to understand you would be flying solo and without support for such a task.

    We can say that the outfeed table mounts in a simple clamp style manner to the rear L shaped saw fence mounting rail on the SawStop.  This rail is like the rail found on “Biesemeyer T style” saw fences used on other makes of saws. While that can sound hopeful for some non-SawStop saw owners, we don’t say that this fact means the SawStop outfeed table would mount and function as intended on other saws with this type of rail. We are just stating what we know about the method in how it mounts to a SawStop.

    Regards, Ed

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