May 072015
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wn117This month we’ve got a brand new issue of Wood News Online full of woodworking project ideas, woodworking tips, and more!

This month’s projects include:

Constructing a Quilt Storage Rack– Forrest Bonner created a Sara-Style Quilt Rack design in Sketchup and then used that design to build the actual rack for a friend of his.

Building Our First Shaker Blanket Chest– Brian “Ziggy” Liloia and his partner, April, wanted to build a “little” project together, which ended up being a big, beautiful shaker blanket chest. In this article, Brian goes through the design and building process of this chest and shares his first experience of cutting dovetails.

This month’s woodworking tips include:

The Down to Earth Woodworker– This month, Steve suggests the hand planes you should have in a basic collection, replaces his shop lights with new LED bulbs, equates his recent jig buying adventure to an “anti-gestalt experience”, and gives us an update on his 5S Shop Wall Cabinet project.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud– Jim shares a tip on how to keep your vehicle free of scratches when transporting project materials (i.e. wood), as well as a money-saving tip on reusing disposable gloves.

Ask the Staff– Ed answers a question on the best method to use in order to remove a burn mark from the finishing on a beautifully aged cedar chest.

Finishing– Alan has a tip on the best methods to use when using a roller to paint your living space.

Two-Minute Safety Tip– This month’s reader-contributed safety tip is from Chris Harpe who explains how the use of incandescent task lighting in your shop can help decrease the likelihood of getting injured during cutter/blade spin down.

This month’s tool reviews include:

Book Review– Norm Reid has a book review on David Charlesworth’s A Guide to Hand Tools and Methodsa book that shares Charlesworth’s personal choices when it comes to picking a set of hand tools for your shop.

Tool Review– Jeff Fleisher shares his review of the Easy Chuck by Easy Wood Tools, a great tool for turners that allows you to “spend more time turning and less time adjusting and messing around with jaw changes.”

Video Product Tour– Steve Johnson gives us a different perspective on the SawStop Tablesaw by comparing it to a “Gestalt Experience.”

Our reader-contributed Show Us columns include:

Show Us Your Shop– This month we go inside the 20’x22′ woodworking shop of Steve Lyde who has a garage workshop in Altus, OK.

Show Us Your Woodworking– Dan Andrews shares a variety of woodworking projects including two wooden chests he has made as wedding presents.

Show Us Your Woodcarving– Jeff Greenberg’s inspiration for his carving projects came from a series of carvings made in Bali that feature the interweaving of several elements.

We’ve also got several new products including the book, Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley, which is an in-depth examination of Studley’s famous tool chest that held over 250 different woodworking tools.

All of this and more in Highland Woodworking’s May 2015 issue of Wood News Online!

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