Mar 062015
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wn115Our March 2015 issue of Wood News Online is now available for reading and it is chock full of some great woodworking project ideas, safety tips, and advice.

This month’s articles include:

My Tell Tale Pyrography– Professor Nsir Malik discusses his passion for pyrography – the art of decorating wood with burn marks. He discusses how he constructed his own “pyrography contraption” and shares some of his beautiful and colorful pieces of artwork that he has made.

Designing and Making a Bench– Rod Scott has had several other articles published within Wood News. This month he discusses a sitting bench he constructed using 2 cast iron end pieces that were found in an old barn on a homestead property.

We’ve got an in-depth review of the Hock Kitchen Knife Kit made by Ron Hock. We’ve also got a book review of The Soul of a Tree-A Woodworker’s Reflections, the biography and philosophy of woodworker George Nakashima. We’re excited to continue our Lie-Nielsen Tool of the Month column with Lee Laird’s review of the Lie-Nielsen No. 60-1/2RN Low Angle Rabbet Block Plane with Nicker.

Our Show Us Series includes:

Show Us Your Shop– Herb Schlobohm takes us on a tour of his anti-shop, which is a different take on the typical shops that we have highlighted in the past.

Show Us Your Woodworking– Butch Montgomery has built a variety of woodworking projects and enjoys paying attention to what people around him need, and then surprising them with a custom made piece.

Show Us Your Woodcarving– Rodney Miller, who we recently featured in our Show Us Your Woodturning column in The Highland Woodturner, has a passion for carving “Love Spoons” which can be made with just a piece of wood and a pocket knife.

This month’s tip columns include:

 The Down to Earth Woodworker– Steve puts a trio of popular woodworking tapes to the test, discusses design flaws in store bought wooden furniture (compared to pieces you’ve made yourself), and begins a new project- The 5S Compliant Shop Wall Cabinet.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud– Jim’s got a helpful tip on enlarging pre-drilled holes, as well as a money-saving tip on creative ways to store wood.

Alan Noel’s Finishing Tip– Alan shares a variety of common household items that you can use in your finishing processes. We’ve also got an Ask the Staff finishing tip on the best way to match stain colors.

A lot of our recent Safety Tips have discussed the dangers of blade spin down and this month Ed Scent gives us several suggestions for staying safe in the shop when you’re working around machinery with fast and sharp blades.

All of this and more including new product specials and sales in this month’s issue of Wood News Online.

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