Oct 242011
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Wow, talk about deja vu all over again!! Remember last week we were talking about the Moulthrop family and wood turning? Well I saw an ad on my local PBS station for an episode of Craft in America, a series produced for PBS in 2007, and I set it up to record on my DVR. When the program information came up, I was pleased to see it included the Moulthrops. There is a five minute interview with President Carter and he introduces the Moulthrops and a full third of the program is all about them. It is a wonderful show. Then on top of that, as President Carter is doing his introduction, he is sitting in a Maloof Rocker, an original, I am sure, but eminently recognizable. (Buy your sculptured rocker kit right here at the High.) I feel like Forrest Gump tiptoeing around the outskirts of history.

Go to pbs.org and click “watch video” in the top menu bar. Select Craft in America and look for Episode VII:Family. You can watch the full hour show right there on the web site or wait until it shows on your local PBS station. While you are there, you can watch Episode I with Sam Maloof, or you can watch all the latest Woodwright’s Shop episodes. Course if you do, maybe you ought to send some money to your local PBS station.

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