Aug 132009
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085272.jpgHere are a couple of unsolicited testimonials praising our legendary Wood Slicer Resawing Bandsaw Blade and our Woodturners Blade:
I have a 12″ Jet bandsaw that I absolutely hated. It couldn’t cut a straight line on a piece of 1/8″ ply. A friend told me to check out your Wood Slicer resawing bandsaw blade. I went to your site to check it out. At first I kind of choked when I saw the price of the blade. I then read your testimonials and decided to give one a try (you do guarantee that I will like it). The first piece of wood I cut was a chunk of mango. It went well, but then again, it is a softer wood. So I decided to try a piece of Koa as it is a bit harder…..cut like butter. Being the skeptic I am, I decided to put it to what I considered an extreme test. I have a large chunk of desert ironwood that has been sitting around for a while (because I just can’t cut it). In previous attempts, I could barely slice a 2″ section. The results were not pretty, it took forever and a day to cut, and the dust was incredible. I figured what the heck, I am going to make this blade cry, so I put a four inch thick slab on the bandsaw, turned it on and it cut through it without a problem.. There was no smoking, no dust clouds, and the finish on the cut side of the wood was unbelievable. Bottom line….I will NEVER buy another band saw blade other than this one. It is everything you said it was. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I would love to be able to help other woodworkers discover this blade. On a side note…I no longer hate my bandsaw. — Thank You, Rick G.

183482.jpgHello Highland Woodworking,

Recently I purchased some of your Woodturners Bandsaw Blades, plus a few new items to help rebuild my 15 year old Delta 14″ bandsaw. As a professional woodturner-studio artist I just wanted to pass along my observations : namely, these are the absolute BEST bandsaw blades for woodturners. Over my 25+ years of woodturning I have tried them all, every brand, every configuration including carbide tipped (very expensive but nice) … but these are incredible. I just mounted one and began trimming a fresh chunk of green ambrosia maple, very wet and heavy. The blade never stalled, never even whimpered … and I am sometimes a bit aggressive.
Add to this the rapid response time from your store and the fast delivery, and you can mark me a VERY Satisfied customer.
Please feel free to use this as an endorsement or recommendation or whatever. I have already passed along the info to several other woodturners I know and I expect some of them to also switch to your blades. Keep up the good work! — Dick G.

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