Jul 312009
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sawstop8.jpgWell I have read all about the SawStop tablesaw and watched all the demonstrations and I like it a lot. I have analyzed this new technology carefully in light of long years of woodworking experience, some close calls, stories from friends and other legendary tales, including the guy who worked for me once making survey stakes who left his left index finger lying on the saw table. Cut it right off. Clean. They couldn’t sew it back on because he was a smoker. When he got mad at somebody later and wanted to poke them in the chest to make a point, he had to use the other hand. Couldn’t do that magic trick where your finger comes off anymore. Well, you get the idea.

However I think the SawStop tablesaw is missing two things and I hope somebody from SawStop reads this and takes immediate action to improve their already excellent product.

My last pick-up truck had OnStar® in it to summon emergency help in case of an accident and I was not able to use my phone to call for help. If I am using the SawStop tablesaw and come that close to cutting off a finger, the saw better be calling for somebody to come and get me because I guarantee you I will be lying on the floor passed out. The good news is they won’t have to sew my finger back on. OnStar for SawStop.

Secondly, it has long been a standing joke in our family that if we ever have a serious accident, you need to call for an ambulance and a Porta-John. That is the other thing the SawStop tablesaw needs, because again, even when my fingers are safe, we still gonna need it.
You will notice I did not recommend a surgical field kit, tourniquet, large bandages, ice packs to deliver the finger to the emergency room, or any of that other stuff you would need in similar circumstances on other brands.

There you have it. I know many corporations depend on feedback from experienced users to improve their products and I am happy to participate in that process. I hope you will bring your suggestions to them in the same spirit, although I cannot imagine how anyone could improve on a table saw equipped with SawStop’s safety technology that’s also backed up by OnStar® and a Porta-John.

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