Jul 242009
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I saw a video once of the guy who invented the bullet proof vest police officers wear, shoot himself in the stomach while wearing the vest. He stood right up and took out two watermelons. Pretty good proof of the usefulness of the vest.
PCS240.jpgJim Yahres left a comment on Chris’s post below about the new SawStop table saw. In it he referenced a YouTube video showing the famous “hot dog” demo. At the end of the video, the host challenged the inventor to put his finger in the saw. He did. Wow!

Drop by Highland tomorrow (July 25th) and see which unlucky hot dog gets to risk life and limb on a SawStop table saw. 10:45 and 2:45 Live in the Store.
Hot dogs all over the City are crawling towards the back of the meat cooler. Inventors too.
Do Not Try This at Home!!

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