Mar 212007
The Great Hydrocote Brushing Controversy
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Hydrocote products have been Highland Woodworking’s primary water-based finish for many years. Professionals and enthusiasts have come to rely on Hydrocote’s overall quality, durability and broad choice of supporting products. They make a polyurethane for floors and tables, a lacquer for general cabinet work and an exterior urethane for outdoor projects. In Fine Woodworking’s Dec. […]

Mar 192007
Two Simple Table Saw Improvements
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The following article, detailing steps one can take to improve table saw functionality, was submitted to us by Richard McCandless of Akron, Ohio. He writes: "In the last five years I’ve become more serious about my woodworking for fun and in preparation for retirement. I started by taking a few classes and replacing my ancient […]

Mar 172007
Saturday Mornings at Highland a Great Success!
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On February 17, 2007, we began our Saturday Mornings at Highland educational program, a series of free woodworking demonstrations every Saturday morning here in our retail store. So far the response has been tremendous. Our first Saturday featured our own Phil Colson turning toy tops. The crowd quickly overflowed to the second floor with folks […]

Mar 162007
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Woodworking But Were Afraid to Ask
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Quite often we receive questions from customers prefaced by “Please don’t tell anyone I asked you this, but…” or “I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know this, but…” or “I’ve been woodworking since high school shop class, but I don’t know…” So we've decided to address several of those nagging little questions that you just […]

Mar 152007
Irwin Quick-Grip XP Bar Clamp & Spreader
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The Irwin Quick-Grip XP Bar Clamp & Spreader is a super heavy-duty version of Irwin’s famous one-handed Quick-Grip Clamp. They’ve replaced the standard bar with a thicker/wider steel I-beam that definitely resists bending, bowing and racking. The jaws of the XP toe in like a good bench vise, so clamping pressure stays exactly where you […]

Mar 142007
Cupran Special Hand Cleaner/Paint Remover
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3M Paint Buster Hand Cleaner was one of our favorite products. So, we were very disappointed when they discontinued it. While searching for a replacement, we were surprised to find a product that is better and cheaper. Check out Cupran Special Hand Cleaner. We think that you’ll love it! Visit Highland Woodworking for more information.