Mar 232007
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The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge Is Here!Our first full shipment of Wixey Digital Angle Gauges (168321) arrived today. They’ll be featured on p. 7 of our new catalog, which should be hitting your mailboxes in the next week or so. We get sent a whole-metric-bucket-ton of stuff from manufacturers to evaluate, so we’re pretty jaded to all the gadgetry out there. Most of the stuff gets tossed in a box in our store’s attic, and at some point finds its way to our clearance table. We’re particularly weary of any product that has a laser or digital readout. The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge is different. For one, it actually works! You’d think a manufacturer or distributor that wanted one of his or her products in our catalog would make sure it worked before sending it to us. We get things all the time that either have no apparent purpose or that just plain don’t work.
Not too long ago, a client asked me to build a couple of Japanese style sconce lamps. Nothing terribly complicated except for a series of lengthwise miters that had to be ripped on the table saw. Since the angles weren’t common, I went through quite a bit of trial and error to make everything line up. Eventually, I got it right, but it’d been nice if I’d had one of these angle gauges to set the bevel on the blade from the protractor reading.
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  1. That’s a great looking guage. I’ll check that one out!

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