Mar 012022
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The weather can’t seem to make up its mind here in Atlanta, and it seems to be that way throughout a lot of the country. 70’s one day, 40’s the next. Those of us with heat in our shop may have found more time to accomplish projects this winter compared to those with no heat setup. In comparison, people with no AC’s in their shop might not want to be deep into a project later this Summer, especially in a place like Atlanta. Not to mention the need to take into consideration how wood finishes react in different temperatures.

Let’s not forget Daylight Savings Time is coming up this month, adding an extra hour of daylight to our evenings….time you might be using to be outside more and not within your shop walls.

This month, we want to know what season do you find yourself working in your shop the most?

  5 Responses to “March 2022 Woodworking Poll: What Season Do You Use Your Shop the Most?”

  1. Spend a lot of time in fall making Christmas presents.

  2. I use it most during Spring, Summer and Fall.

  3. It’s not about what season, but what needs doing.

  4. When I was working my full time job it was mostly in the winter but now that I am retired I find my basement to good in the summer also as it stays fairly cool throughout the season.

  5. My son installed a mini split A/C heat unit so I’m in the shop a lot more year round.

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