Jan 062022
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For the January 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Bob Rummer shares some reflections on the King of Pines – western white pine:

As a woodworker, I think about trees and forests and wood a lot. Show me some wavy grain and I will be drawn into deep thoughts about the meaning of life. There is a large coffee table in front of my recliner made from a section of western white pine about three feet in diameter. In 1978 my Forest Service research crew was working along the Lochsa River near Lolo Pass on the border of Idaho and Montana. We came across this section that someone had cut off and left in the woods. It took all of us to drag it back to the truck. Eventually, after lots of trimming and sanding, I turned it into a coffee table. I carved a dwarf to hold up one side that didn’t have enough wood for a leg. Now it sits in front of me, whispering something about telling its story.

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  One Response to “Stories from Grandpa’s Workshop: King of the Pines”

  1. It is beautiful Bob. Carrying it all together was worth it.

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