Sep 142021
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For the September 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed The Artful Wooden Spoon By Joshua Vogel:

When the author of The Artful Wooden Spoon, Joshua Vogel, took up spoon carving, he had it in mind to document his procedures so others could replicate them. His goal was a book to convey his observations. And so, he asked himself just how many spoons would he need to carve to justify sharing his experiences: a few dozen, perhaps, a hundred maybe? Vogel set out to carve as many as he could, using a variety of wood sources, tool sets, designs, and techniques. In the end, I suspect he carved well in excess of 100 spoons, with a range and variety well-evidenced throughout the book. His outcome: a well-informed guide to spoon carving that combines well-organized instruction with inspiring examples.

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