Jan 282021
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For the January 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Bob Rummer shares his thoughts and philosophies on what he calls “the dreaming part” of creating a project, which is where the designing and planning takes place all in your head before the first sketch is even made.

I heard someone call the design and planning stage the “dreaming part.” Somewhere, someone has an idea of something they want made. For example, I saw a documentary on penguins and thought, “I love the cute way they waddle — I want to make a child’s push toy that will waddle just like a real penguin.” I can see it in my head.

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  1. The Wood Slicer resew blade is by far the best on the market! The wood almost feeds itself into the blade. Tensioning is a breeze and the thing stays SHARP! Great job on the design.

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