Oct 162019
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In the October 2019 issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer makes the case for using more tropical wood rather than less, even with recent news of the Amazon fires.

The primary reason for land-clearing fires in the Amazon is to convert forest to ranches and subsistence farms. When the forest has no value, trees are cut down and burned just to get them out of the way. The people are simply looking for a way to make a living to support their families. The real solution is to find ways that tropical forests can contribute to sustainable economic development.

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  One Response to “Saving Rare Woods”

  1. Excellent points in this article.

    For better or worse, forest products are often one of the most valuable resources in poor areas around the world. Laws restricting their trade may be a point of pride in Western pop culture but it’s naive to assume those trees will be cherished and cared for once they lose their commercial value. They’ll be sacrificed to make room for cattle, generate zero income for the locals and perhaps most ironically never grow back as a result of the land’s new use.

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