Apr 092019
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We are excited to announce that our Women in Woodworking column is back in Wood News this month! Char Miller-King is a local woodworker in Atlanta who has been a regular customer at Highland for quite some time and was previously profiled on our blog in September 2017. She will be taking the reins of this monthly Wood News column that features the work and shops of other women woodworkers. Here’s an excerpt from Char’s first column:

About a year ago I started searching for other women in woodworking to connect with and I found a few on social media and they were amazing. When we connected it was like being a part of a sister circle, I had finally found my tribe. There is almost nothing better than talking shop with someone, but talking shop with another woman is extraordinary, you know that you are speaking with someone who truly gets you. I wanted to explore this phenomenon of women in woodworking.

Click here to read the rest of Char’s first column and get a tour around her shop!

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