Feb 202019
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Resawing is the term for woodcutting that takes a board of a given thickness and slices it into two or more thinner boards. Though it can be done on a small scale on a tablesaw, the bandsaw is universally regarded as the go-to tool for resawing lumber.

We recently stumbled across an old article from the now-extinct magazine American Woodworker* that addressed the question of how to select a good resawing blade for your bandsaw. Resawing has always been a favorite subject of ours here at Highland Woodworking, as our Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade has been a best seller for us these past 30 years.

The article analyzed the most important features that help determine the performance of a resawing blade, namely blade thickness, blade width, number of teeth per inch, tooth form and durability.

Resawn BoardsThe article applied this analysis to the major brands of  resawing bandsaw blades available, with emphasis on the accuracy of the cut as measured by the straightness and smoothness of the workpiece after it has been resawn. Of all the blades tested, only two brands of resawing blades met the necessary criteria set by the magazine’s editors. Spoiler alert: the Wood Slicer was one of them!

If you’re wondering how to successfully use your bandsaw for resawing lumber, reading this article may be helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Wood Slicer or purchasing your own, you can do so on the Highland Woodworking website.

*Note: American Woodworker  magazine was later absorbed into Popular Woodworking  magazine.

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  1. great choice. I really like how responsibly you are in the selection of wood for the manufacture of furniture

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