Aug 182016
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In this month’s issue of Wood News, we featured an article by new contributor Justin Moon about the Veritas Dual Marking Gauge.

If you are new to woodworking and struggling to decide which tools to purchase first, take a look at Justin’s article. He offers some compelling thoughts about his philosophy for buying tools in general, using a story about buying dress shoes as an example:

The first time I bought dress shoes, I bought the cheapest pair I could find. My father, ever the impeccably dressed, took one look at them and told me “Buying cheap shoes is the most expensive thing you can do.” In no time at all, my blisters and I were paying for a well made pair of shoes, plus the cost of the cheap pair.

Read the full Veritas Dual Marking Gauge review here.

  One Response to “Tools You Should Buy First: Veritas Dual Marking Gauge”

  1. I disagree. The first basic tool, and most used, is the Veritas saddle square. It is low cost and just plain handy.

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