Apr 022015
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My Classmates and Instructor

My Classmates and Jim Dillon, the instructor of the Build a Shaker Style End Table class

Funny how when I go to a class at Highland, I feel like I’m going home.  I like the old workbench signed by the instructors who have taught in the classroom.  I like the shaving horses hung up in the ceiling trusses.  I like the pictures on the walls.  I like the glass front cabinets around the walls filled with precision tools all in order, ready to use.  I like the SawStop Table Saw ready to use.  I like having a bench just for me.  I like kindred spirits in the class with me.  I like not having to travel 60 miles round trip to get a nice piece of lumber to make a project.  I like that if I decide to buy a new tool, I can walk down one flight of stairs and buy it.  I like the instructor being right there to push me through the project.  I like taking home a nice finished product at the end of the class.

Taper Jig with Tage Frid and Sam Maloof watching us work.

Taper Jig with Tage Frid and Sam Maloof watching us work from up on the walls.

I like walking down to my home shop before I go to work to see if it still looks as good as I remember.  I like showing the project to my friends and my co-workers.  I like it when they want to touch it and smell it and they all want to take it home.  I like my end table, made by me for me to keep for a long time.  I like my signature on the bottom of my table.  I like classes at Highland, and if you have the chance to take one, I’m sure you will too!

Did I say I like my table?

Did I say I like my table?

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