Oct 122014
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shop3September/October is the time of year that woodworkers go back to their shops after a summer of vacations, retreats, warm weather, and relaxation.

Several of our blog contributors wrote about their experiences of getting back into the shop, preparing for the creation of holiday presents, and their general overlook of the woodworking season. Click through below to read each of our contributors blog entries and get inspired to get back into YOUR shop!

Terry Chapman – A Campaign Furniture Fall and Winter

Curtis Turner – A Few Maintenance Chores

Anne Briggs – A New Woodworking Opportunity

Curtis Turner – Cleaning Up the Shop

Terry Chapman – A Good Sweep

Brian Benham – Taking Back Shop Space

Steve Johnson – Wood Truth & News Lies

Lee Laird – Fighting Mr. Rust Demon

  One Response to “Back to the Workshop: A Series”

  1. Take a break from woodworking? I’ll pass thank you. While it may sound a bit cheezey or you may think I have no life, but the longest I go without making dust is a week or two each year. Been this way my whole life. It is a true passion, a true blessing.

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