Apr 042014
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aprilwoodnewspicOur newest issue of Wood News is now online!

Our April 2014 issue (#104) is filled with some great shop tours, project ideas, and tools. Special features this month include:

An “off-the-grid” woodworking shop in Hawaii amongst a whole bunch of avocado trees and other crops. John App shares how he maintains his woodworking shop with absolutely no connection to any electrical company, whatsoever.

Mike Smith continues his last workshop series with his 10th installment, Final Details, where he answers a few questions from his last installment regarding his dust collection system. He also goes through the set-up process of his table saw and work table.

Blog contributor, Lee Laird, discusses the Japanese Ryoba Saw and how you can resharpen the rip teeth on the saw once they get dull, and the best type of feather files to use in order to do so.

This month our ‘Show Us’ columns include:

Charlie Bridges’ converted garage workshop in Hartsville, TN. The garage is 24×24, and he uses half to work on his cars, and the other half as his workshop.

Joseph Sanzano shares his shaker-style woodworking projects in this months Show Us Your Woodworking column.

Serge Jacob “Jacko” from Belgium is a mechanic for both the Belgian Air Force and the aerobatic team, The Belgian Red Devils, and he shares some of his aerobatic team inspired carvings in this months Show Us Your Carving column.

We’ve also got a variety of tips from our regular contributors including:

The Down to Earth Woodworker: Steve shares his review of the JDS 2100-CKV Dust Collector, a good use for a hockey puck, the new Down to Earth Woodworker section of the Highland Woodworking Library, and a project idea for making Pet Steps.

In our monthly Tips From Sticks in the Mud, Jim gives a tip on removing moisture from compressed air tanks, and the usefulness of quick disconnects.

Alan Noel gives us 6 tips on painting over finishes.

Chris Bagby, the owner of Highland Woodworking, answers a question on ‘the making of span trees.’

And lastly, we’ve got reviews on Christopher Schwarz’s book Handsaw Essentials, as well as a tool review on the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station.

All of this and more in our April 2014 issue of Wood News Online!

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