Apr 012014
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Now you can be as cool as Roy!

We just received a limited supply of Roy Underhill’s “One-Stroke” Dovetail Saw in stock. Today only, take advantage of our sale price of $4,114.00, while supplies last*

Now you can make quick and easy dovetails in just one stroke with this beautiful, one-of-a-kind saw, made of high-quality Swedish Steel. Check out the video below of the saw in action and get yours today!*


*Please note, this saw is not actually available for sale. We hope you enjoyed our holiday amusement and please have a safe and fun April Fools Day.

  2 Responses to “ON SALE: Today only, Roy Underhill’s “One-Stroke” Dovetail Saw”

  1. Wait just a minute. I thought that the one stroke would make a complete dovetail joint. That’s false advertising.

  2. […] Woodworking actually had to add a disclaimer that you couldn’t really purchase this saw. What does that say about separating a woodworker from his […]

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