Mar 282013
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Once the inlay has all been put in place, I took a look at the design. Recall that I wanted to see the two arcs first before deciding on putting in the third. I think it looks nice as-is and a third inlay between these arcs would look too busy along the border.

Inlay Design on the Table Top

I review the inlay 2-arc design along the table top

The inlay material is slightly proud of the table, so before I start smoothing the entire table top, I first level the cherry inlay. A hock block plane focuses removing the cherry without hurting the surrounding walnut – just a few strokes.

Using a Hock Block Plane to Clean Inlay

My hock tools block plane quickly levels the inlay

Finally I use my scraper to dial in the cherry to the walnut table. Ready to smooth the entire table now!

Using a Scraper on Inlay

A scraper produces beautiful shavings on the inlay

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