Nov 262012
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Thanksgiving is over except for a little turkey soup in the fridge. Back to work tomorrow and time to start thinking about Christmas. Saw my first Christmas lights a week ago, actually. In the spirit of the season, here is my Wish List for the old wood shop. Heads up to my son, Jonathan, up there in Connecticut. Highland will ship to me here if you call them, but no fair using my credit card to buy me something.

Here we go:

1. Anything Festool. One of these days, I will break the ice on Festool and I think a couple of things are high on this “sub” wish list. I love the saw that runs on its own track. Cuts are perfect, even bevel cuts from the track. I have even heard people say it will substitute for a table saw, though it might have trouble with my dado set. On the other hand, I haven’t put the dado set on in a number of years. I need one of those aggressive shaping sanders, too. Course if I get that, I will need to get the vacuum to go with it, cause it sure does throw off some dust.

2. I love “Grandpa’s Workshop” the new book from Lost Art Press. This book is near perfect for a woodworker, and if I had a grandchild, this is the one I would be reading at bedtime.

Three Rasp Set

3. I really like the three piece rasp set from Auriou as recommended by Chuck Brock for his chair making classes. They’re a little pricey, but when the single biggest problem with these rasps is being careful not to take off too much wood, you know they will cut. The ones I have used previously have opened up a whole new world of shaping wood. Turns out I have a pretty good eye.

4. When I took the fly rod making class a couple of months ago, the instructor brought his Tormek Sharpener for us to use. That was the first time I tried one and I liked it a lot. The model (T-3) he had is the smaller one, but it did everything we asked of it and it worked very well. The big one (T-7) is a hoss and I think it may tap dance as well as sharpen.

Foredom Power Grinder Kit

5. Flexible Shaft Power Tool — TXH440 Industrial Kit. I don’t normally require the “industrial” size of many tools, but I have seen this thing in action and it just does what it is supposed to do. You can use a wide variety of attachments and even fit it with a foot pedal to control the speed. It’s a good thing.

Well, there you go, Jon. There ought to be enough there to cover whatever you want to give me for Christmas. If you need something else, call me.

Did you know you can create a wishlist at and send it out by email to anyone who might be searching for the perfect gift for you? CLICK HERE to get started with your own wish list.

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