Sep 192012
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I am always looking for pretty little turning projects. I like fairly small projects and something which will turn out to be delicate and beautiful. My friends Tom and Sue traveled to Wales recently to get out of the Georgia heat and came back with a beautiful and elegant turning project.

Tom and Sue toured an exhibition hall in the small village of Beaumaris, Wales, where  exhibitors were selling donated wood turnings to benefit the local fire brigade. This small vessel (a tooth box) came with a card which had the following poem:

The Tooth Fairy
The tooth fairy comes in the middle of the night
While you’re asleep with your eyes shut tight
She sits on the toadstool on the top of the box
And thinks of a way to give you a shock

She then does something rather funny
She takes your tooth and leaves you some MONEY.

It would be a great gift for someone who has a child of the age to lose a baby tooth. They are about 1.5 inches wide & 2 inches high and were turned by Cath Stanley.  Tom said he bought them for the equivalent of  $3.50 each. He and I agree that this is a great little project and would make a fine gift. Don’t you know someone who would like one of these?

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