Mar 182010
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candlestand2.jpgWow, learn something new every day. A few weeks ago, my son the seminary student, asked me to make a candle stand for his church. It was not something I was familiar with, but he and I looked it up and after several back and forth discussions settled on a design we both liked and I could make. The only design issue was making sure the proportions were right and it looked good. I mocked one up full size out of scrap to check the shape and then I made one to match the pulpit furniture at his church. It was kinda fun and not too difficult and I was pleased with the final product. And then just as a lark, I put it up on my Etsy site ( and put a price on it. Well, guess what! It is still a couple of weeks until Easter (everyone wants them for the Easter season) and I have sold three more of them. Churches in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Massachusetts will enjoy my handiwork during the Easter season. I had to set up a virtual assembly line. Thank goodness I measured the original and made a quick drawing of it before I sent it off. (Guess I coulda used Sketch-Up.) In fact I will try to make an extra one or two in case I get more orders in the next few days. Bead system.jpgThat leaves only one other question to be answered — what new tools shall I buy with my profits? (Remember, tools are ALWAYS a worthwhile investment!) I’ve been watching that new beaded face frame tool at the High, and I sure could use a new router. Maybe I could make some more church furniture. Turns out to be more profitable than bowl turning. Triton router

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