Jan 062010
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When we saw this jig demonstrated at the AWFS Show in Las Vegas last summer, our first thought was “Who needs another specialized router table jig?”
Boy, were we wrong! Kreg’s new Beaded Face Frame System has taken off like you cannot imagine. Simply put, it easily produces cabinet face frames that feature attractive professional-looking beads that connect flawlessly around the entire frame. It’s either doing the work of a specialized machine that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars, or it quickly and efficiently replaces a long and laborious tablesaw project plus tedious assembly.
John Lucas has provided a detailed illustrated tutorial on using the jig on his website Wood Shop Demos.
We also have a 3-minute video demo of the tool in action.

Watch the Video Demo

  2 Responses to “Kreg’s New Beaded Face Frame System Is a Winner”

  1. WOW what a time saver!

  2. Looks good. This tool is about to change my life. I am shocked at how easy it looks to use. I’m so glad technology keeps getting better. Easy to use, quicker, and affordable… pretty sweet!

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