Dec 262009
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Lie-Nielsen We are delighted to announce that Thomas Lie-Nielsen, founder and owner of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and maker of the finest woodworking hand planes made in America, will be in Atlanta to teach a class at Highland Woodworking on Sunday, January 24, 2010.
Thomas will also be giving free hand plane and hand tool demonstrations throughout the day at our Winter One Day Sale on Saturday, January 23.
In his class on Sunday, January 24, entitled “Sharpening and Using Hand Planes,” he will be teaching students how to properly sharpen plane irons and other edge tools, tune and adjust a plane to achieve optimum performance, and practice developing the skills needed to use hand planes in a woodworking shop. Students are invited to bring their own hand planes (any brand: Record, Stanley, Anant, ECE, Clifton, etc. and of course Lie-Nielsen) and their own sharpening stones to use in the class. Thomas and his assistant will provide detailed instruction as well as one-on-one coaching so each student who attends will come away able to remove wispy-thin shavings that leave exquisitely smooth surfaces, and much more.
Lie-NielsenHe will also personally engrave his autograph on your Lie-Nielsen plane that you may already own or purchase during the weekend sale.
The hands-on class on Sunday is limited to 16 students, so it is important to register early to ensure getting a space for yourself. CLICK HERE for info on how to sign up for the class. You may also call 800-241-6748.
For those attending the free hand plane and hand tool demonstrations at the One Day Sale on Saturday, no advance registration is necessary.

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