Jul 042009
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I found a way to celebrate the Fourth which I have been smiling about for two days. I went out to supper the other night at a local restaurant out by the Interstate, and at the next table was a soldier with his wife, his two small children and his mother-in-law. Now these soldiers are all volunteers these days and it is very hard on them and on their families — I mean are you willing to leave home for a year, live in a hole in the ground, and get shot at for $35,000 a year? The people in our military do a wonderful job and whether one believes in the politics or not should not affect our support for them. With that in mind, I asked the waitress to bring their check to me. It doesn’t count if they catch you doing it, but I really hope they smiled all the way home like I did, and just maybe felt a little appreciation for their service. Welcome Home Brothers! Thanks for serving your Country. Happy Fourth of July!!

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