Apr 102007
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We are happy to announce that Festool has arrived in our store. Come by anytime to see the tools!
In the world of professional power tools, Festool is arguably the best. If we could engineer the highest quality tools with every conceivable feature and without limitations, the result would be Festool. Superb design and meticulous German construction ensure low tool vibration, unmatched accuracy and rock solid reliability. Even the little details give the feel of unparalleled innovation: power cords that unplug from the tool allowing an extra level of safety and ease of replacement if damaged, and the sturdy Systainer® storage unit that comes with every power tool and can be stacked and latched together to keep things organized. Standing behind their products with a 3 year warranty and first-rate service, we feel Festool offers exceptional long-term value for those who depend on their tools and want the best.
If you are in Atlanta and you haven’t visited our store, you can get directions here.
If you can’t make it in to the store, you can see our selection of Festool products here.

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  1. We just purchased a domino for a particular job were we had to use a mortise and tenon type of assembly to make some wooden storm door frames. We do all types of home repairs, but we have never had to use a biscuit cutter before. Setting up this tool was a piece of cake really enjoyed using it. The application was effortless and it did a great job. The tool paid for itself on this particular job. And will generate further income on other jobs in the future.

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