Dec 012006
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Hydrocote Resisthane PlusHydrocote Resisthane Plus proves itself as a top waterborne finish. Recently, in a Finish Test conducted by Fine Woodworking Magazine, Hydrocote Resisthane Plus was selected as “Best Value” from 13 highly regarded waterborne finishes. The testing considered various factors such as: ease of application, adhesion quality, surface hardness, heat and stain resistance, along with clarity and color.

Ease of application must be consistent whether the finish is being brushed or sprayed. Utilizing industry standard methods of evaluation the finishes were tested for vertical sag, brushing and spraying. The Hydrocote rated excellent for vertical sag. For both spraying and brushing properties, a finish was rated excellent if it dried flat with no bubbles and if it sprayed in a similar way as solvent lacquer. The Hydrocote rated excellent in all three areas.

All of the finishes were run through an amazing battery of tests to determine their level of durability. In what they called their “Peel-a-way Test”, a large X was cut into the finish with a knife, packing tape was applied and then removed. This was to determine the level of adhesion. In a heat resistance test, steel bolts were submerged into a pot of boiling water then removed and immediately place on the finished surfaces. 24 hours later the test pieces were examined. They were inspected for damage to the surface and to evaluate what would be required to return the surface to original condition. For the “Stain Resistance Test” everything shy of the kitchen sink was utilized. Vinegars, mustards and other items were left on the surfaces for 24 hours (a test that is utilized by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association).

Ultimately, Hydrocote Resisthane Plus ranked as Best Overall Waterborne finish. It was determined to be the clearest of all of the finishes that were tested and ranked as excellent in most all of the areas evaluated. Vertical sag, brush and spray application, and adhesion. Obviously, a finish should be rated based on performance (as in the Fine Woodworking test), but the Hydrocote Resisthane is also a value in cost. It can be found in both Clear Gloss and Clear Satin.

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