Dec 152006
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Elbo Tool Hollowing ToolThe Elbo Tool’s innovative design almost eliminates the drudgery and physical exertion associated with end grain vessel hollowing. With a minimum of set up time, it readily attaches to any lathe without retaining bars or special hardware. One end clamps to your lathe’s tailstock barrel while the cutting arm slides over your tool rest. Three elbow-joint pivot points let you guide the cutter effortlessly. No more tense muscles or bone jolting rides as you hollow. Pull the cutting arm out of the tool holder section and you can insert your favorite 3/4″ round shafted hollowing tool. Purchase a separate Elbo Tool Adapter1/4″ Adapter, 3/8″ Adapter, 1/2″ Adapter or 5/8″ Adapter – and you can use any round shafted hollowing tool from Sorby, Oland, Crown or other manufacturer. A minimum of 24″ from your vessel’s edge to your tailstock barrel is necessary for installation, so it will fit most full sized lathes and mini-lathes with bed extensions.

A Laser Pointer can be mounted to a Magnetic Base that attaches to the cutting arm, so you can judge the thickness of the vessel’s side in relation to the cutter. Use the Square Adapter Tray if you want to mount the laser and magnetic base to a round tool. A 1″ Round Steel Cutter (199919) is available for smooth cutting, or choose the 1/2″ Nano Carbide Cutter for the ultimate sheer cut.

The basic Elbo Tool includes: clamp assembly, 2 pivot arms, 14″cutting arm, and tool holder with 1/4″ cutter. All accessories sold separately.

Visit Highland Woodworking for more information on the full line of Elbo Tools we offer.

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