Nov 012006
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Amana AGE Saw Blades

Highland Woodworking is excited to introduce Amana’s A.G.E. Series saw blades. These German-made saw blades are significantly less expensive than other professional quality blades, yet deliver impressive performance.

Unlike most so-called “bargain blades”, these are all a full 1/8″ thick, have precision ground, resharpenable carbide teeth, good tooth geometry and careful machining. What they lack are heavy advertising, fancy packaging and special coatings. If you don’t want to spend a gang of money for specialty tooling like laminate and non-ferrous metal blades, or if you just want a couple of first-rate back ups to your standard blades, then these Amanas are an excellent choice. Now you can afford several specific blades instead of relying on your old combination blade for everything!

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