Feb 012022
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Here at Highland Woodworking, we help customers of all ages who are just getting into woodworking for the first time or have been doing it for their whole life. Over the years, many of our Wood News Online contributors have shared their memories of growing up in their grandpa’s workshop as well as stories about teaching their own grandchildren about their passion for woodworking.

This month, we want to know how you became interested in woodworking? If your answer is not listed below, type it in the comments.

  4 Responses to “February 2022 Poll: How Did You Get Interested in Woodworking?”

  1. For approximately twenty five years I worked as a carpenter contractor doing only rough and trim carpentry. I thought many times how some day I would be retired and be able to have the space and equipment to do projects that were mostly above my skill level. This would require a new learning curve for me and through “YouTube” I spent a considerable amount of time watching and learning.
    At this time, I find Timber framing most fascinating. With all the different aspects of the joinery involved, it has opened up a new field of interest.
    My most recent project has been the Roubo Workbench. I’m not quite finished, but I do look forward to having a place to flare and do joinery on smaller projects.

  2. My father liked to make things out of wood. He had a workshop in our basement. He would help our friends with their projects. I PICKED UP HIS LIKING FOR WORKIMG WITH WOOD. I received a Delta jig saw for Christmas when I was the fourth grade in school.

  3. I spent years looking for a hobby and I spent a lot of money doing it. I was at Sears one day and I saw a craftsman scroll saw. I Bought it on a whim. That was 20 years ago. I have been woodworking since then. Lately I have mostly been toy making.

  4. I “made things” as a kid, but stopped when I went to college.

    30 years later, I was watching a youtube video about turning a jigsaw upside down in a table. They added a circular saw, router and a fence. I thought I could do it & made it. A year later I decided to buy a saw and bought a band saw.

    I’ve got into green woodworking, milling my own lumber from logs and mostly hand tools. I no longer have the homemade power tools.

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