Jul 022021
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In last month’s ‘Stories from Grandpa’s Workshop’ column, Bob Rummer discussed the variety of smells in his workshop. Most of the smells come from the varieties of wood he uses in his projects, with each variety having its own characteristics. Other smells are created from the running of power tools, or adding a wood finish which come in a variety of smells and potencies.

This month, we want to know what’s your favorite workshop smell? And if your favorite isn’t listed in the choices, make sure to comment with what it is!

  3 Responses to “July 2021 Woodworking Poll: Workshop Smells”

  1. I work with many exotic woods in my home shop. One of my favorite smells is when I cut Tulip Wood, it smells like fresh cut flowers. I now know why it was named “Tulip Wood”.

  2. Currently building a small spice rack from aromatic cedar. Recommended!

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