Jan 042021
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With 2020 now behind us, it’s time to look to our woodworking resolutions for 2021. Part of Highland Woodworking’s mission statement is to “fan the flames of interest and excitement in the craft of woodworking, and contribute to its growth throughout the country.” This past year, many of us found more time at home to learn a new skill and Highland did our best to encourage this through our new Highland Woodworking Live Online Classroom.

This month, we want to know what is a new woodworking skill you would like to learn or one you would like to get better at in 2021? Leave your answer in this month’s poll and if the specific skill you want to learn isn’t listed, you can add it in the ‘Other’ comments.

  3 Responses to “Poll: What Woodworking Skill Do You Want To Improve in 2021?”

  1. Creativity

  2. Adding Stringing to furniture builds

  3. I need to improve my measuring skills when the item is too big for a dial caliper. My tools are tuned up and make square cuts but I’m still having some minor issues with cabinet boxes and drawers not always turning out perfectly square. The squares are very good ones so I know it’s me. I also seem to always make drawers very slightly too big.

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