Aug 032020
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We sell a variety of brands and tools here at Highland Woodworking, but one tool you can’t get anywhere else is our award winning Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade.

Woodworkers have been using the Wood Slicer for over 25 years and have had many things to say about it:

 The cut was so easy, and the wood tracked through the blade straight as an arrow.
 The cuts were so good I had to look twice to see the cut side from the machine planed face! I didn’t think it was possible to get that smooth of a cut out of a bandsaw.

This month we want to know if you have tried the Wood Slicer? And if you have, please let us know how it worked for you in the comments on this poll!

  17 Responses to “August 2020 Poll: Have You Used the Wood Slicer?”

  1. Works great but will dull rather quickly. Ended up switching to carbide.

  2. Best bandsaw blade ive ever used.

  3. Really great blade, nice smooth quick cuts. wish i had gotten one years ago. Great value.

  4. I have been resawing quarter-sawn white oak with a Wood Slicer on my new Rikon 14″ bandsaw. Considering the operator’s inexperience with all of the above, the results have been great: very smooth cuts with very little waste.

  5. I’ve used the Wood Slicer Resaw bandsaw blade in a Rikon Rikon 10-305 for over a year now cutting thin slice shop veneers for inlays. I have not been disappointed with it’s performance.

  6. Since purchasing my band saw ( Powermatic, 14 in. w/6 in. riser block ) about 10 years ago, I have used only Wood Slicer blades, based upon the “Fine Woodworking” review article. I use my band saw almost exclusively for ripping and some resawing ( I don’t own a table saw, and try to focus on hand tool joinery ) I have been completely satisfied with these blades and do not expect to purchase any other brand as a result ( I don’t especially enjoy changing blades, so further comparisons aren’t worth the effort, as a result ) So, of course, since I have no experience with other blades, I am in no position to evaluate how yours compare.
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  7. Just a great blade and a smooth cut

  8. I bought my first Woodslicer blade at Highland in 2001 and have relied on one for re-saw work ever since. For thin stuff, heavy stuff, hard stuff it works just great. Tracks true and always gives a good straight cut. I have only bought a few, they seem to last forever and I have re-sawn a lot of lumber, (several years worth of sawing) with one before it began to how signs of dulling.

  9. I have used the wood slicer blades on my 18″ Jet bandsaw. The first few cuts
    went OK but didn’t last very long. I decided to purchase a carbide blade, which is now over 2 years old and still resaws my walnut with little problem. Carbide blades cost more but are worth the money.

  10. This is the smoothest cutting band saw blade I have ever used.

  11. Wood Slicer blades are all they are said to be. They track straight and leave an impressively smooth cut requiring little sanding or scraping.

  12. I have used the Wood Slicer in both the 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes on my Delta 14″ band saw with a riser block. The project I used it on was re-sawing some ash log halves and quarters into lumber that will be used to build the base of a new woodworking bench. I started with the smaller blade because it was already on the saw and it cut 10″ & 12″ boards beautifully! I changed the blade to the 3/4″ after a couple of cuts because a lot of the logs were pushing the limits of my 14″saw, height-wise, so I needed the extra width for the heavier cuts. It went through the ash like a hot knife through butter on the first cut as well as the last! It didn’t seem to dull at all! The cuts were so smooth, I could have just sanded them without running them through the planer! Great blade!

  13. Out performs any other blade I have used.

  14. I bought the Wood Slicer blade for my 12 inch Craftsman band saw for resawing. It worked great, quiet and sliced like butter with a very smooth cut.

  15. Cuts very smoothly.

  16. Now it is the only blade I use for re-sawing. The surface just off the cut is excellent.

  17. I’ve had good results with the Wood Slicer on my Powermatic 14″ bandsaw with riser. I have resawn up to 10″-11″ boards to get 1/4″ or 3/32″ material for scroll sawing. This is pushing the limits of my saw and the thin kerf of the Wood Slicer helps the saw power through harder materials.

    I have not used carbide blades but I think it’s unfair to compare them in this context. It’s sort of like comparing a helical head to a straight knife head for a planer or jointer. The carbide cutters are harder and will last longer. They also cost a lot more. Moving back to bandsaw blades, the carbide blades have individual teeth added and a wider kerf which is not appropriate for all saws. I suppose there are shops where one type is better than the other because of the volume of work, the type of saw, or the cost of the blades.

    I believe the Wood Slicer is the best blade of it’s type and in it’s price range. I find it to be of good quality and it gives good results in my application.

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