May 012020
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In our April poll we asked “How Are You Spending Your Time at Home?” and the most popular answer was Working on Shop Improvements (28.97%). This month we’re wondering, what those shop improvements are? 

Whether it’s as simple as sweeping all of the dust you’ve created or as intricate as applying The Down to Earth Woodworker’s 5S program to your shop, whatever it is, we hope you’re enjoying your shop and making projects that will last a lifetime! 

And if there is an improvement you’ve made in your shop that isn’t listed, please add it as ‘other’ or list it in the comments!

  5 Responses to “May Woodworking Poll: What Shop Improvements Have You Been Making?”

  1. I could easily have chosen an “All of the above!” (except the 5s)…

  2. I’m retired so I already spend a lot of time in the shop. Not enough to make my wife a woodworking ‘widow’ but enough to keep it clean and making tables.

  3. I am adding better lighting to the shop.

  4. getting rid of unwanted stuff. using accumulated birch plywood and boards to make a Tool cabinet for my prime chisels and lie nielsen hand plains and saws

  5. Gone is the visible pegboard. Replaced with 1/2” plywood that will have lighter brown dye & BLO. Then adding new nicer hardwood tool racks for hand tools I use daily. Moved some things around to fit usage and flow.

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