Nov 292018
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When my kids were 4 and 6, we decided to move to a new house. The house was in a great Massachusetts town with good schools and a friendly community, and the house came with nice, new, clean walls. Our old house, in contrast, had a doorway leading from the kitchen to the pantry that we would use to regularly mark our daughters’ heights from when we could get them to stand upright. We even had heights for their favorite stuffed animals (who never seemed to grow…)

As we were starting to pack up, I happened by the door frame with all the years of height markings and my heart dropped. We were not only leaving this house with so much of our history, we were leaving the actual tangible evidence of our kids’ growth. Should I remove the piece of door frame and take it with us? Did I even have time to be thinking about this? When was the moving van arriving again?

When I mentioned it to my mom, she had the perfect solution. Two days later a tall package arrived on my doorstep, and in it was the Heirloom Timeline Growth Ruler. I was able to copy over the marks from the door frame of our old house, and we can keep our new clean walls that way for a little bit longer.

Kids grow up so fast.

Everybody says it, of course. It is such an overused cliche, but when you actually get to the point of your kids being ages 4 and 6, you start to realize why everyone says it. It is shocking how true it is. And in between all the milestones and accomplishments, when things slow down for a minute, it is nice to literally take measure of where your kids are at, so you might have some hope of remembering this blur of a time.

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