Jul 052018
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In an article he wrote in 2016, Steve Johnson addresses dust collection in the shop, arguing that even with a high quality dust collector and a good air filtration system, you still can not expect to have clean air in your shop. (Though he still thinks both of these systems are important to have for other reasons!) Steve thinks he has found a solution though to help him breathe a little more easily.

Read Steve’s article to see what he found.

  One Response to “Dust Collection – The Clean Air Myth”

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I will likely order two of these: one for shop and one for house (dog odor). Out of curiosity, has the Down to Earth Woodworker every measured dust from handtool wood working?

    I ask because I’ve avoided the power tools. The initial reasons were a mixture of uncomfort with the spinning blades, noise, and dust (my dad never used dust collection so my childhood vision of power tools was a hazzy atmosphere that would make me cough if I went to visit him in the workshop).

    Now, I just like the handtools and am happy to pay someone else to dimension the wood to thickness (hardest part of handtool woodworking) or buy S4S and pay the premium over rough sawn wood.

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