Jun 222018
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Highland Woodworking’s friend, woodworker and professional actor Nick Offerman has a break-out leading man role in the new feel-good movie Hearts Beat Loud that opened on June 8. The movie reached Atlanta June 21, and the enthusiastic reaction here validates the movie’s many positive reviews. Support Nick and the cast’s other stars (Kiersey Clemons, Ted Danson et al) by taking someone you love to enjoy this inspiring movie.

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Read more about Nick Offerman’s recent visit to Highland Woodworking


  2 Responses to “Go See Woodworker Nick Offerman’s New Movie, Hearts Beat Loud”

  1. I plan to see it because I have enjoyed his work for a very long time. Then, I found out he was a fellow woodworker. Life can’t much better.

    Out of curiosity, is he able to get any woodworking into the movie?

    • No woodworking this time. He plays a recording artist in the movie so instead of a workshop he has a recording studio.

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