Aug 012016
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I work at least sixty hours each week.
I sleep about fifty hours each week.
I walk about seven hours each week.
I commute about six hours each week.

The other forty five hours are spent getting ready for work, getting ready for bed, eating and yardwork and taking the garbage out, cleaning litterboxes, taking the dog out and bringing the dog back in.  Of course, there’s going to the bank, going to this store and that store, and the delightful chore I found time for today, getting the oil and filter changed in my car.

That doesn’t leave much time for woodworking, so, you can imagine that, as hours and days tick by, I begin to miss it quite a lot.
It’s not surprising, then that I might just pass through the shop “on my way” to the car in the mornings.  Just a quick pass gets me a mini-fix.  I might touch a piece to see if the finish has cured, or touch a sanded board to see if the grain was raised by the 300% humidity we have in South Mississippi on summer days.

What about you?

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