Nov 222015
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As Christmas rolls around, woodworkers’ loved ones often worry about what to get their favorite woodworker. To help ease that struggle, here is a list of what I feel are the absolute essentials for any woodworker. You can confidently take this list into any woodworking store or website and leave with a gift any woodworker would covet. If you’re looking to buy new items, there are basically two main brands that put out a consistently quality product: Veritas and Lie-Nielsen. As you buy, remember, you get what you pay for. Some of these higher end tools have a steep entry point, but if you amortize out it’s initial cost over a lifetime of use (because these tools truly will last a lifetime) you are only spending pennies per day. And, if your favorite woodworker wants to resell quality tools, they hold their value and can be resold at near retail value. Buying cheaper tools upfront just means added costs and frustration in the long run.

Anne Briggs Bohnett is a 26 year old woodworker out of Seattle, Washington. She and her husband Adam own and operate a small farm aimed at teaching youngsters about animal husbandry, traditional woodwork, and it’s also where their food comes from! Anne has been seriously pursuing woodwork with a focus on handtool use for three years and is passionate about the preservation of traditional methods and skills and building community.

Anne can be reached directly via email at and you can check out her website at

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