Aug 132015
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Recently, Master Carver Sabija Mutjaba collaborated with Scott DeWaard on a huge triptych carving for the Marian Chapel in the All Saints Catholic Church in Knoxville, TN. This project was a huge undertaking and the beautiful video below captures the creative process from start to finish.

Video produced by Joan Karpeles (
The video has gotten a lot of feedback and we wanted to share some of the thoughts and comments it has received so far:

  • It was a real pleasure to watch such wonderful skill.  Thank you. Best Wishes, Brendan.
  • That’s about the finest woodworking project video I have ever seen.  Excellant work and craftmanship.-Bill 
  • Jaw dropping skill.
  • Beautiful craftsmanship, If I could do two thumbs up I would. Thanks for the video.
  • Takes the phrase Master Craftsman to an all new level. Thank you for sharing your creation Sabiha and Scott.-Anthony
  • Breathtaking.  Absolutely incredible talent!-Robin
  • Beautiful design, multi-material work, and excellent finish in the wood, paint, and gold. Worthy of the designation: made by a master. – Annie
  • That was not only beautiful but inspiring.-Gabriel
  • So wonderful to see a creation of such art today…seems like a lost art, doesn’t it?…we need more people with so much talent to continue creating such beautiful relics to enjoy for many years to come…God Bless you for your talent and contribution to so many…LJK
  • A true labour of love.
  • Absolutely beautiful artistry and craftsmanship!!! I watched several times and must say I admire your work! Thank you for sharing!

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